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Scouting, Inclusiveness & Winchester's RBR Hardship Fund

Scouting and Inclusiveness

The Scout Movement has always been committed to making Scouting available and accessible for all. This includes financial circumstances.

We achieve financial inclusiveness with a series of funds made available by individual Scout Groups, by Winchester District Scouts, by Hampshire County Scouts, by South East Region and by HQ.

Winchester's RBR hardship fund

This fund derives from sums of money given in the past to Winchester District Scouts in memory of the late Alan Rannie, Douglas Bylett and Rikki Le Riche. This is known as the RBR Fund.

The RBR Fund is for young people in Winchester District who are members of the Scout Association, who want to take part in activities which are appropriate to their sections but who, through financial circumstances, find themselves unable to take part.

The fund is also for those who need financial assistance to become or to remain members of the Scout Association in Winchester. Access to the fund is not available to Leaders or other adult supporters.

The fund is dependent on donations; on an annual levy from the District capitation fee paid from annual membership subscriptions; and on occasional contributions when needed from District reserves.

Sadly, too little use is made of the RBR fund for a combination of reasons:
  • Many parents do not know of the fund's existence
  • If parents do know of the fund they may be embarrassed to approach their Beaver, Cub, Scout or Explorer Leader. Instead they should contact their Group Scout Leader or the DESC
  • Pride can also become an obstacle to asking for help. Too often this regrettably results in young people leaving who would have benefited from staying in Scouts with their friends
  • As leaders we can sometimes be slow to identify a young person's or a parent's need. When we do find out it is often too late.
You can find out more by clicking on the RBR Fund Rules.
You can also click here for an Application to the RBR Fund.
Click here for RBR Fund income, grants made and year end balances.