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Pinsent Open Day and Badge Competition

It is four years since we produced the last Pinsent Badge and it we are now running short of them. The time is right to produce a new one and we would like to invite all Young People in the District to enter a competition to design the new badge. The last one was designed by a Cub Scout from the 14th Winchester and has been very popular.

The details of the Competition are in this PDF file.

We realise that most people haven’t had the opportunity to visit Pinsent recently to see the changes that have been made, including the completion of the Roundhouse, which could give ideas for the badge design. To help with this situation we have arranged an open day for next Saturday, 30th March. Short notice I’m afraid but it is the only date available in the near future. Members of the Pinsent Management Team will be on hand to explain what has been done and plans for the future.

Pinsent Open Day - March 30th – 10.00 to 15.30 to see improvements including the Roundhouse.
Only available day until the site can be re-opened.

If you can’t manage to get to the Open Day, you are still welcome to enter the competition.

Ian Johnson
27 March 2019