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Adult Training In Hampshire

Adult Training

The adult training scheme in Scouting is modular and flexible, concentrating on learning rather than just attending courses. Training can be carried out using a range of methods: one to one, courses, videos, workbooks and e-learning. The Modules cover the skills required for all roles in Scouting.

On taking up your role, you will be allocated a Training Adviser. With them, you decide which modules are appropriate to your role in Scouting. You then agree which of these, you can demonstrate an existing ability in, and how you are going to learn the others. This forms your Personal Learning Plan.

When you have completed training on one of your required modules, you simply demonstrate that you are using the skills to allow your Training Adviser to sign it off.

On completion of all your modules, you will be awarded your wood badge. From that point, you have to complete 5 hours ongoing training each year in topics useful to your Scouting.

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