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First Aid Courses

It is the responsibility of every leader to ensure that they have a current and valid First Aid Certificate. This is important to ensure that we keep all our young people and adults 'Safe & Sound'.

Every leader or manager in PLP training is required to have at least a Module 10 First Response qualification within 12 months of your starting your PLP wood bead training. District run these courses almost monthly during the year.

You can book your course online in the District Training Diary by clicking on the most suitable date at:


Your First Aid Certificate must be appropriate to your role. For most of us this is a 6 hour First Response course that is valid for 3 years and listed on your personal Compass records. For others as holders of adventurous activity permits e.g. Hill Walking and Off Shore Sailing, higher levels of qualification are needed and involve 2 day courses.

Once you have attended your course, you need to show this to one of your Group TAs. They can then update your personal records on Compass – that you will need to check.

Ahead of your 3 year expiry date it is the responsibility of every leader or manager to take the initiative and to renew your first aid certificate. Provided this is done within 6 months of expiry this can be achieved with a 2 hour refresher course.

The two hour refresher course can only be completed twice. After the second time, the 6 hour First Response course is required again.

The Scout Association does recognise that some professions by the nature of the job will have a first aid element; for example Nurses, Midwives, Police Officers, Medical Practitioners, Members of HM Armed Forces, Ambulance Care – Assistants/Paramedics/Technicians, etc. to exempt these profession from undergoing more first aid training, they are required to provide evidence of an up-to-date qualification which should meet the criteria for what is considered our minimum standard (as listed above). With regards to 'evidence', this can be a certificate or an official letter confirming the necessary areas have been met.

For additional information please refer to the Scout Association web page:

Winchester Scouts exercise a policy that no volunteer should be out of pocket for the cost of training courses like first aid. The cost of your First Aid training is borne directly by District funds – and in this case the £1 per youth Adult Training levy that every young person pays by way of their annual District capitation. You can find out more about Financials that underpin the cost of your First Aid training at: