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The importance of Executives and Trustees

Thank you so much for agreeing to be one of our executive members and trustees - be this in a Group or at District and one of its subcommittees.

If our Beaver Colonies, Cub Packs, Scout Troops and Explorer Units are the arms and legs of Scouting, then our Executives and Trustees are the backbone that holds the strong body together.

One reason why Winchester Scouts are currently so successful is the large size and high quality of our executive teams and their subcommittees. Through the exec provision of all the vital infrastructure, funding and administration, our uniformed leaders are free to focus on our young people, adventurous programme and parents. This is so important.

When we have happy teams that combine both effective uniformed leaders and strong and focused executives we deliver outstanding Scouting to larger numbers of young people in Winchester.

The key to enjoying your time as an exec is to fully understand your role and the tasks involved - individually and collectively as set out below.

To provide you with all you need we've assembled the following resources for you to draw from:

PLP Module 1e: Essential Information for Trustees
Trustee Training course (see dates; and book a course from the District Training Diary)

Group Executive Committee
POR Ch3: The Scout Group
Group Chair
A Guide for Group Chairs
Group Secretary
A Guide for the Group Secretary
Group Treasurer
A Guide for the Group Treasurer
Group Executive Committee Member
Group Executive Committee Recruitment Resource

District Executive Committee
POR Ch4: The Scout District
POR The Appointments Process
District Chair
District Secretary
District Treasurer
District Executive Committee Member
District Executive Committee Recruitment Resource

For further information and sources on being an executive committee member and/or trustee, please look at the Hampshire County Scout website pages.